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Elenco Recensioni

Elenco Recensioni

NzNXgQHEG / Giudizio: Giudizio...
November 19, 2011 Cogutatnlarions on the half! I ran my first full in June, and although it is difficult to run 26.2 miles, finding the time to train was the biggest challenge. Wow! A not so funny fact was that it reached 104 degrees the day of the marathon and they “black flagged” it 20 minutes after I finished, meaning they closed it because the heat was too dangerous. I ran slow and consumed a crazy amount of fluid along the way, and I’m so glad I made it across the line before they closed it. Whew!
S9w9EodxRB / Giudizio: Giudizio...
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ccPuiOPhYj / Giudizio: Giudizio...
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ikf0s03p / Giudizio: Giudizio...
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