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Elenco Recensioni

Elenco Recensioni

o6ZugaVlb / Giudizio: Giudizio...
I’m glad it was pulled from eBay.What annoys me about discussions of this game is that they nearly always devolve into people wailing about defending free speech, when the more important question at hand is, what does this game say about our global culture and attitudes toward women, sex, and sexualized vicghnoe?Sile. If I never have to hear about this game again, it will be too soon.
zc1mFvp7 / Giudizio: Giudizio...
In fact I think the Army slogan “Be All That You Can Be” was inspired by women. Truly, that’s all we want…for men to “be all they can be!” Right, ladies? It all comes from totally &#e2#0;pur8&28221; motives!! LOL
Y39wMKaG / Giudizio: Giudizio...
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